Work from home works for women!

All Indian women, managing their household beautifully and efficiently, have the skill or experience to take up a job and pursue a career. But they choose to give their family a priority. They put their passion aside and quit their career. The lack of flexibility in the work culture is the main reason behind this sacrifice. It is not the choice they make. It is more like the lack of options that they have!

Over the past few years, there has been a welcome change in the mindset of people who run organisations. The rules of employment are adapting to accommodate talent looking for adaptability. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the change. For not just women, the concept is now open to all. Numerous companies, Amazon, Facebook, HubSpot, Microsoft, Salesforce, and many more, have switched to long-term remote work post the pandemic.

Now, work from home is here to stay and turn women into superwomen. Some of the most prominent advantages for women are:

  1. Flexible Scheduling: It helps women plan all their daily activities. It comes as a boon for mothers and women who have family members who need medical support.
  2. Personal Freedom: The flexible hours give women the freedom to work at their own pace with lesser intervention from colleagues. It allows them to be purely judged by their skills and hard work.
  3. A world of opportunities: Quite literally! A woman sitting in her house can work for any organisation at any location on the world map. All she needs is the skill to do the job well.
  4. Work-life balance: Being close to their loved ones helps them balance work and life. This can be achieved by great time management.
  5. Cost-effective: Working from home cuts down a lot of expenses. It helps save on travel expenses and other costs related to going out, eating out with office colleagues, shopping for work clothes and accessories and much more.

Every coin has two sides, and so does Work from home. Some of the common issues faced by women working remotely are:

  1. Teething troubles
  2. Lack of guidance
  3. Distractions at home
  4. Not being treated equally by the employer (when compared to a regular employee)
  5. Remuneration which is not as fulfilling as full-time jobs

But we all will agree that the advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages.

Let us look at the five most lucrative career choices that women can pursue while working from home.


1. Flexible call agents

If one has excellent communication skills, which women typically
possess, this job option is perfect. To get started, one will need a
working headset and a laptop and answers to all queries (for
which training is provided).

2. Online tutors
If one has excellent command over their subject, then taking up
online tutoring for the subject is a lucrative source of income. Post
the pandemic, the profession has gained



3. Bloggers / Vloggers
Fashion, beauty, fitness, food, gardening, travel, or even housework tips;
if you have expertise in a subject, you can create content in various
formats on your blog. You can pursue your passion and make an earning
out of it.




4. Data Entry
A computer can bring home a lot of opportunities. Like the name suggests, data entry is
where you enter data into a computer system or into some type of
secure file system. With practice, one can increase earnings by
gaining accuracy and speed.

5. Transcription
This again an earn-as-you-work opportunity. The job involves
converting live or recorded audio into a written document. Good
listening skills, research skills, typing speed, and perfect command of English are what one needs to get started.