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Frequently Asked Questions!

How soon can I start a call campaign at Telemonks

One can start a call campaign within 5 days of making the payment with Telemonks.

What is the minimum duration of the campaign that I can execute with Telemonks?

Your campaign duration can start from as low as 10 days.

What is the daily login duration of the call agent?

The daily login duration of an agent at Telemonks is 8 hours.

Can I get a call agent just for half a day?

Yes, you can opt for a half-day package wherein you can employ a call agent for 4 hours. Minimum commitment will however, be for 10 mandays.

How do I make the payment?

You can make payment online on the website. You can also choose the offline payment option.

How does Telemonks ensure data security?

  1. As a policy Telemonks encrypts data uploaded by the client; thus, critical data elements like phone numbers,
    email IDs etc. are not visible to any call agents
  2. Telemonks is bound by the Non-Disclosure Agreement and purges all client data at the end of each

How does Telemonks ensure continuity of a campaign in a scenario where a call agent quits mid-campaign?

Telemonks has a large number of trained call agents on its platform; in case of a particular call agent dropping off, a suitable replacement will be made within mutually agreed on timelines.

Can a call agent see critical data like email and phone number?

No, as a policy, Telemonks encrypts data uploaded by the client.

Can an individual/professional avail of Telemonks services?

Any individual/professional with a GST registration number and PAN can avail of calling services from Telemonks.

For Calling Agents

Why should I join Telemonks?

By joining Telemonks, you can work from home. You will have the flexibility to choose short-term projects and get paid weekly. It enables you to earn more with better output or performance.

What would I require to join Telemonks?

All you will need is a PC/laptop with headphones and a 40MBPS internet connection.

What is the interview process?

Our hiring process is as follows:

  1. Candidate fills in details and uploads a resume on the ‘Become an agent’ section of our website.
  2. Our HR interviews to check on skill sets and industry compatibility.
    We recruit both freshers as well as experienced call agents.

What is the payout model?

The payout is based on experience and skill sets. The exact earning per day is notified to the candidates while onboarding.

Is the training period paid for?

No. However, if the client extends the training period, you will be paid for the extra training day/s on completion of the project by you.

How do I get my payment?

  1. You will be required to provide us with your bank account details with a Nationalised/Private Bank, along with
    a cancelled cheque copy, at the time of signing the contract.
  2. The payment cycle is calculated from Monday to Sunday, and the payment is released on the subsequent

Can I cancel a project that I have already committed to?

  1. Once the call agent agrees to a project, the only way to take leave in case of extreme emergency would be by
    informing the Team Lead in advance, but a day will be deducted from your payout to compensate for the
    training of the new staff.
  2. In case of an abrupt leave, 3 days would be deducted, as the same time would be required to recruit and train
    the new staff
  3. Moreover, this will also reflect on their ratings.

What happens if I do not complete my login hours? Does it get carried forward to the next day?

  1. With prior approval from your Team Leader, you can carry forward the login deficit for the next day.
  2. If you do not complete your cumulative login hours, which is calculated at the end of the project, you will be penalised if the deficit is more than 5%.

How does half shift work? Can I decide my time for half day?

Yes, you can choose between the first or the second half of the day.

Are there any incentives?

The incentives are project-based. Telemonks also provides login incentives if you keep up to the committed login hours and adhere to the targets set at the start of the project.