Remote working – a reality now. Embrace to succeed.

The provision for working from anywhere, anytime was a phenomenon gaining popularity globally. The year 2020 became the year of work from home due to the global pandemic. Various sectors across countries were forced to adopt the concept, willingly or otherwise. They took it up as an experiment and soon realised its positive impact on employee productivity, work-life balance, mental health, costs, and the environment

Many new-age companies intend to make the flexible and remote work model a permanent part of their workforce strategy even after COVID-19 subsides

We have listed down some reasons why companies, especially BPOs and call centres, should shift to work from home permanently:

#1 It saves you money

With your employees working from the comfort of their homes,
companies don’t need to have dedicated desks for them. It’s not just space, but a range of in-office facilities and IT infrastructure that companies don’t have to provide for. This leads to significant savings for organisations

According to a recent Gartner Group 1 study, 74% of CFOs plan to make remote work a permanent part of their workforce- and cost-management plans — even after the pandemic.

#2 It increases employees productivity

When the employer shows trust in the employees, the confidence and faith results in increased productivity. At home, employees can focus on work away from distractions in the office. They strive to be more productive so they can finish work on time to spend their free time more productively.

As per Stanford University’s two-year remote work productivity study 2 , the remote working group results showed a productivity boost equal to a full day’s work. It also revealed that there were fewer sick days and a 50% decrease in employee attrition.

#3 It creates a healthier work-life balance

Work from home gives employees the ability to plan and manage office work and household/family responsibilities more efficiently. A happier family leads to a more satisfied individual, which in turn means a more productive employee.

While responding to the Citrix-OnePoll survey 3 , 83% of workers said that they have a better work-life balance working from home.

#4 It goes beyond geographical boundaries

While hiring regular employees, companies are limited to hire talent from a commuting distance to the office. But with technology-enabled remote work culture, the whole wide world is open to organisations.

#5 It is inclusive

It opens up the world of opportunities for the pool of talent outside the conventional workforce, such as college students, stay-at-home parents, those caring for loved ones at home, retirees, and more.

A Cebr study 4 found that 69% of people currently unemployed or economically inactive said they would consider to start working if given the opportunity to flexibly.

#6 It helps you achieve your sustainability goals:

There is no need for office space equipped with the latest facilities. Your employees don’t have to travel to work. Hence, companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by having employees working remotely.

Work from home has made its way to the corporate giants across industries. There are over 76 companies 5 that have made the switch to a predominantly or entirely remote working model. Technology has enabled us to work efficiently and virtually across time zones, like never before. It has come a boon for both the workforce and organisations.

So bid goodbye to water cooler conversations, and welcome the days of virtual meetings.